Students’ Representatives elections at CoE// Who will you vote for?

On 2nd of October 2015, nine students from College of Europe Natolin, for more that 2 hours, held campaign speeches before their colleagues in an interactive, funny and creative atmosphere. Here they are:

Student representative candidates from the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe answering public questions

Student representative candidates from the Natolin Campus of the College of Europe answering public questions

OK. But who are all these nine courageous people, why are they striving to solve student’s eventual issues and what are they actually planning to do? Let’s find out together:) describing them a little bit just one by one:

1.Philipp (Germany) (click on name to listen the candidate’s speeches):

Promises to improve the Gym, to extend the time we are allowed to be at the library and, generally speaking, to meet all the students’ needs. 

PC: Laurens Soenen

PC: Laurens Soenen

2.  Luca (France)

Assisted by some friends, he had a great creative presentation with some funny technical jokes, a song where he presented himself and even a dance that amused us all.

PC: Laurens Soenen

PC: Laurens Soenen

Is ready to answer all the students’ proposals, issues and ideas, as you can actually see below:

12081363_1031894283527827_102620243_n3. Andrei (Moldova)

He is specialist in investments attraction and parallel with his studies at CoE he coordinates great investitional development projects in his hometown, in Moldova. „To speak on behalf of all of you”, „to collect ideas” and to take care of student’s employement perspectives, promises Andrei.

Campaign slogan: Promise less and do more! 

12076992_1031894103527845_1573852309_n4. Luke (United Kingdom)

He coordinates the International Fairs Committee.

Plans to contribute more to the Gym improvement than he contributed to the noise in the bar. Asked by Simone from Italy whether he’ll have enough time to deal with both these activities, Luke, without hesitation, said Yes. 

12081500_1031894093527846_1377092471_n5. Amandine (France)

„You are my program!” says Amandine. She’s ready to collect ideas, complains and her strategy as Student Rep is:

„You tell me what you need and I am doing my best to help you.”

12092348_1031893990194523_1592120641_n6. Pier (Italy)

He is the one who negotiated and succeded in bringing two coffee machines in the Natolin campus: „I am like already take care of you”, proudly says Pier. Created the Whatsapp Natolin Group and is member of Bar and Sports Committee.

Campaign slogan – „Keep calm and vote for Pier”.

12092319_1031894083527847_1888144737_n7. Marek (Poland)

His priorities are to establish a common voice through dialogue (students-staff) and to cooperate more with the 2 CoE campuses (Natolin-Brugges). 

Marek is a good manager of his time and twice a week finds an hour to come and sing in the College of Europe Choir.


8. Zuzana (Slovakia)

Zuzana promises more and better sport equipment and library hours extended.

”Your problems are my problems” she says.

12068018_1031894053527850_680755987_n9. Lydia (United Kingdom)

Lydia will do her best to make this year as painless as possible.

Is Lydia’s initiative to organize for all the Natoliners some (so needed!) Economics tutorials. Drinks tea and we’re always welcome to join her and to discuss in the meantime our ideas and proposals.


So, who do you think will be those Choosen Three to represent the Natoliners?:)


The Choose-from-Nine team had to face a Q&A session in order to prove their capacities and true motivation to become a Student Representative.

We’ll make our choices in less than a week, on our return from the Baltics Study Trip! (04-11.10.2015)

Stay tunned!:)

P.S. Many thanks to all of them for taking part in these elections and to Laurens Soenen who recorded for us their inspiring speeches.

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